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I'm Michael. A marketer. A leader. A collaborator. A mentor. And a generally pleasant fellow. Nice to see you.


If you're here, we're probably talking about work.

As an experienced advertiser, marketer, and provocateur, I talk about work a lot.


About concepts, strategies, transformation and other things that you'd probably hashtag if pressing the pound sign is your thing. 

But, the truth is, I chose my career for the work itself. The creativity. The storytelling. The making of things that people enjoy and talk about. 

So, that's what this little site is about. The work. 

My CV is here, too, in case you care to read about the things you could be watching.

If you like what you see, know that there's plenty more where that came from. I just haven't made that thing... ...yet. But I've got a strategy for it ready to go.

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